Welcome to the Methodist Men’s Fellowship Ghana.

We are the Men’s wing of the Methodist Church Ghana with focus of serving Christ as men of Wesleyan family. The mandate is to build a strong church with men of integrity who will serve the church with their human resource, ability, support and initiatives. “For Christ, We live” is the motto of the Men’s fellowship emphasizing a strong commitment to Christ and his teachings in transforming the church, touching lives and saving souls through evangelism.

Over the years, the Men’s Fellowship has nurtured, trained and developed the potentials of theyounger generations to grow into matured and disciplined adults who will continue to hold on tothe Methodist Heritage. Methodism has gone through various changes and forms. The beauty ofthat can be seen in the global membership of the Men’s Fellowship is a total strategic plan tolinkup with all men globally in the Methodist faith.

Our beliefs, practices and priorities are anchored in clear Biblical teaching. We seek the wisdomand power of the Holy Spirit for this work. Kindly feel free to explore and surf through our pagesand drop your comments. We are sure to get back to you.

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